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Core Competencies

How AE Helps Clients

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The name Acuity Edge connotes our capabilities and strengths:

Sharpness of perception: Keen vision and listening with an ability to simplify are required to map your needs to a successful solution.

Resolution of fine detail: The details of any problem are often at the heart of the solution.

Union of two worlds: Where business meets technology, we provide a unique blend of technical and business expertise to help innovations become commercial realities.

Advantage: Our goal is that we become a key competitive advantage to your organization.

Acuity Edge is a management consulting firm dedicated to providing the highest quality of strategic-level service for corporate, university, government, and venture capital clients. From our start in product development, market research, and intellectual property licensing, we have expanded our expertise and offerings to meet growing client needs. Led by CEO, Joseph Holmes, we strive to constantly improve our skills to maintain the highest standard of quality. Our goal is to become a natural extension of your team to call upon as needed to meet your changing needs.

Core Competencies

Our core competencies lay the foundation upon which our services are built:




Benefit to Clients

strategy consulting bullet Experienced Staff Each commercialization expert averages over 23 years of industry experience, an advanced degree in engineering or science, and a unique blend of technical, business, and intellectual property expertise.

Top-quality service
strategy consulting bullet Broad & Active Contact Network Through past engagements, maintains an active network of over 6,000 contacts (and growing) that can open doors as deal-flow sources. Average 3-4 contacts for each Fortune 500 firm.

Access to potential partners
and licensees
strategy consulting bullet Leading Market
Research Resources
Invests over $20,000 annually to maintain access to leading market research, company, and patent databases.

Top-flight secondary research
strategy consulting bullet Powerful Primary
Utilizes broad networks and seasoned staff to directly reach out to industry for feedback about the utility of client inventions.

Cutting-edge input on market perceptions and opportunities
strategy consulting bullet Founder Recognition Founder, Joseph Holmes, is recognized as an expert in the field and has taught commercialization at Duke University since 2004.

Up-to-date, cutting-edge thinking and a continually growing network
strategy consulting bullet Proven Methods &
Has delivered quality service since 2000, leading to success for clients.

Client confidence

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How Acuity Edge helps clients

Clients span universities, government labs, corporations, entrepreneurs, and investors.


Client Types

Client Challenges

Client Questions

How AE Helps...

strategy consulting bullet Technology
Transfer Offices (TTOs)

TTOs at universities, government labs, and corporations often receive hundreds of invention disclosures per year. Not every invention can be pursued commercially.

Which opportunities should be pursued, when, and how?
Leveraging industry relationships/access and internal staff, AE helps to strategize about and evaluate new opportunities, market the most promising, establish deals, and train staff to optimize opportunities for long-term success.
strategy consulting bullet New Product
Development Teams
Established corporations and entrepreneurs pursue innovative ideas for profit. Some opportunities fall outside of markets familiar to the team, and/or the staff do not have time to explore all options.

strategy consulting bullet Private Equity Investors Venture investors see hundreds of deals per year. Only a minority of these deals are pursued, with increasing pressure to minimize risk and maximize return.

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