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Duke University

MS Materials Engineering
North Carolina State University

BS Electrical Engineering
BS Materials Engineering
North Carolina State University

As CEO, Joseph Holmes brings a unique blend of technical and business expertise to the Acuity Edge team. His experience spans innovation, product development, project management, technical and market analysis, new business development, strategy development, and intellectual property (IP) management.  His passion is co-designing strategic plans with clients and then being an active part of the execution team that turns those ideas into action.

He enjoys the interface between technology and business as found in university tech transfer, corporate IP management, and new entrepreneurial ventures. From start-ups to Fortune 500 clients, Mr. Holmes has provided all the component services required to commercialize client innovations: portfolio organization and screening, technology assessment, technology marketing, and license negotiations.  For example, he has assessed more than 100 technologies in detail, screened well over 500 technologies, and has managed the technology transfer of portfolios that total nearly 1000 inventions.  He co-managed a three-year, $3 million engagement to re-engineer the technology transfer office at the University of Illinois which culminated in 100 license agreements and 20 startups which will return millions to the client.  

Directly or through alliance partners, Mr. Holmes has been instrumental in projects for organizations that include Avery Dennison, Duke University, Electric Power Research Institute, Ford, Korea Institute of Science & Technology, Kobe Steel, Matsushita, Mayfield, Motorola, NASA, Naval Research Laboratory, Research Triangle Institute, Rohm & Haas, Sherwin Williams, Siemens, Textron, University of Illinois, US Department of Commerce, Xerox, and many small businesses.

Holmes has assessed markets and technologies in diverse areas that include semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and biotechnology. He has conducted workshops on commercialization (e.g., patents, assessment, marketing, and negotiations and licensing) and has served as an expert reviewer to select SBIR awards for NASA. Through invitation, he participated in the development of a strategic plan for the Governor of Virginia to enhance innovation within the university system.

At the start of his career, Mr. Holmes worked in corporate R&D at Kobe Steel’s Electronic Materials Center. Having earned 3 patents and 13 publications, he has conducted and managed research projects in complex technologies that included high-performance transistors, synthetic diamond microelectronics, acoustic devices, MEMS, piezoelectrics, and filters for wireless communications. He has also provided business strategy and deal-making help to entrepreneurs.  He has critiqued over 200 business plans as an annual invited judge to business plan competition at Duke University and Case Western Reserve University. Mr. Holmes identifies with inventors, can speak their language, and enjoys helping them bridge the gap between innovation and commercial success.

Mr. Holmes is currently an adjunct faculty member in the Master of Engineering Management (MEM) program at Duke University – a program designed to create “business-savvy engineers’ by leveraging the strengths of the Duke Law School, Pratt school of Engineering, and the Fuqua School of Business.  His Duke course entitled “Commercializing Technology Innovations” is designed to demystify the journey from idea creation to value extraction.  His innovation publications are found in the Industrial Research Institutes’ Research-Technology Management and Business Week.


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